14.Cadavre Exquis


The rigidity of definitions around Peace and Justice has Consequences. What if legal definitions were expressed Word-by-word, changing outcomes incrementally? Can an Exquisite Corpse interrogate the legal definitions that appear so foreign to many outside the City of Peace and Justice?

The Exquisite Corpse is a game that glues together fragments, conversations and stories. This unpredictable form of collaboration goes by many names in, in many different parts of the world.

Through their research, Aline, Domitille, Yanjin and Michael used this process in creating ‘blind’ interactions with a select group of contributors to establish an ongoing and unexpected conversation about a topic that often intimidates and excludes participants.

Their Exquisite Corpse is a process that runs on a cycle where on complete ‘corpse’ is produced and displayed after every six contributions. The initial process appears quiet and subdued but is soon revealed to part of a much broader conversation taking place between a wide range of voices.

They hope this platform and process will be a useful tool in enabling others to confront issues around international law and the definitions of peace and justice.

Co-designer: Aline Fantinatti (Design Writing & Curating MA), Domitille Debret (Information Design MA), Yanjin Wu (Contextual Design MA), Michael Bojkowski (Design Writing & Curating MA)