2. Ordinary Buiding


My project is reflection on the traditional production, a one way directed process from designer to industry to consumer: design based on economy and functionality. In my design project I am trying to investigating the possibilities of collaborative design through designing a system with the idea of the viability of every possible object present in a kind of freely accessible library of 3D files. I want to use these existing objects as an alphabet to be used or misused in any different direction regardless of their original functions. The purpose of this system is to use, connect, assemble and redesign objects not towards a specific functional goal. In my project, I am more interesting in the narrative objects: the unexpected visual possibilities of the misuse of the combinations.

As such I took the mess feature mixed in productions on online shopping website aspect of my thesis and apply this into my design methodology and to create a system. The possibility to merge objects without logic or functional necessity creates objects that carry the echo of design but seem to have the structure of proliferation or a tumor. They show in a decorative and grotesque way the possible downsides of contemporary industrial production: a hidden identity that we tend to keep hidden and a character of this time we are not proud of and the vulnerable position of being a human being.

Design to me is not a tool to make something functional but a medium to tell stories. I use a vocabulary of things that we recognize and that are closed by. I communicate through simple daily life objects from the domestic setting that don’t have the burden of art as these objects don’t have the heaviness, the apparent inaccessibility nor the symbolic loading of sculptures.