4. Parade


During the Chinese National Day celebration parade, the highly tidy and regulated movements of the troops performances reminded me of the collective ideological education I received intensively before entering the university in China. I used the concept of impossible shapes to rearrange the free news photos downloaded from the Internet, so that these images form a new order and meaning. I hope that for the audience, they are more than merely a recording of this news. Through this work, I want to provide a critical view and question of "repetition" and “order”. By restructuring the order of these pictures in a repetitive way, I try to reshape the relationship between personal memory and social politics, while questioning the political significance of this highly unified and repetitive process in the military parade.

At the same time, by organizing the original and copied images, I also contemplate how the history and memory of individuals and society are being shaped by each other. Moreover, using freely downloaded images to form this work, I want to explore how to express the relationship between original and copy.